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Supportive tools for peculiar times – understanding and allowing

Appreciation and understanding of all and everything is what will uplift this world, and us tiny little human beings. The full range of emotions I was pretty shocked the other day, seeing on social media the amount of anger and hate directed towards them, who see the world through different eyes, than what mass media and the mainstream news tells us is the "right" way. I felt I had to block one account on social media, belonging to a Finnish public person. I just don’t want to live in the presence of that kind of hate and ridicule, but it was enough for me to understand, that people truly are suffering within. It's easy to fall into judgement, when someone is expressing hate, but we can perhaps train ourselves not to judge the person behind the hate. What can I do? The world around me will change, as I change the way I look at things. What can I do? I allow everyone to process their emotions the best way they can, and I literally send my prayers and blessings to them. Literally, I sit down and pray and use the energetical healing methods that I’ve learned. I wish them well, I wish for them to find back to their hearts, to soften the ice built around the heart, to feel at peace and to feel love. I don't need to "correct" anyone. I'm not saying anyone is thinking the wrong way. We are just thinking differently, but when we blame each other for thinking the "wrong" way, and demanding others to open their eyes to see in the "right way", how can we reach peace and harmony on Earth? Ever always evolving A year ago I was the one questioning: “Why on earth are people acting the way they do, what is wrong with them?” And I was the one judging, unable to accept them for who they were. I could not understand. But in making the effort to understand, we can make this world more loving. And as we try to understand we ALLOW others to experience this life, just the way they do. Now a year later, I’ve processed my own internal sh*t. I believe we need to take responsibility for how we feel, to think about if my thoughts, words and actions are contributing to a more loving world. And if not, then how can I change that. The world around me doesn't need to change,...