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Soul Family

Our Soul Family Members and Angels are like pillars of light in our lives

I’m just back from a ten days soul family holiday in Tenerife, Spain. I’m filled with gratitude! For those of you who don’t know, Tenerife is a paradise island just off the west coast of North Africa. The southern parts of Tenerife are quite dry and hot, where as the northern part of the island enjoys a bit more rain, making it green and lush. All by all, the energies of this island support profound spiritual upliftment.

I was lucky to part of small a group of other wonderful Finnish soul sisters, all curious to learn more about the principles of consiousness, taught to us by Pia and Leena. Pia is healer, channeller and intuitive. Actually, words does not describe how grateful I am to know her. She doesn’t actively promote her services, but the right persons still always find her.

Leena Maria Markkanen I like to call my earthly light guide. She’s pure light, founder of Lightfulness Coaching™,  as well as the author of Keys to Your Divine—a Road to fearlessness and Transformational Recovery, available for instance on Amazon


During this retreat I met some of my soul family members/angels, all lightworkers or so called earth angels. Light workers or earth angels are usually sensitive persons who remember their true essence, the light within, and who work to help others remember too. They work to literally spread light and loving kindness to other people, to animals or to the planet. 

You know that feeling when you look a stranger in the eyes, and you intuitively know you’ve met before? If your heart thus feels warm and happy, then that person is probably a member of your soul family. Soul family angels may of course also be ‘normal’ family members.

The persons I met in Tenerife awoke strong feelings of recognition within. You just know and it’s like you continue where you once left, maybe eons of time ago.

With one of my soul sisters, I got the feeling that in other lifetime we used to play around on sunny green fields, running hand in hand in the sunshine giggling! And you know what, as I told her about this idea, we decided to do just that! We took each others hands and just ran on the grass giggling!

Let’s not be afraid to be like kids again, it feels perhaps a bit silly, but it’s very liberating!

How can we find our soul family angels?

The more open and honest we dare to be, the more aligned we are with the light we carry within, and the easier it will be for Universe to arrange for us to meet. Authenticity and to be who we truly are, are prerequisites for us to meet in this lifetime. Then, when we finally meet, all we need to do, is to look into the eyes and remember.

Let’s play with the tought that time only exists here on earth as an artificially constructed concept, to help us get by in this physical existence. Taken into account that time does not exist, we’ve perhaps never been apart of our soul family. It just feels so, because we are not consciously aware of the existence of an other familiar soul walking here on earth with us.

We all walk our own path, and in our soul is the imprint to ascend towards our Source of Light.

When we match the energetical vibration of each other and our awareness has expanded to a certain extent, we will meet again on this physical plane.

Karmic relationships

Sometimes we think we meet our “enemy” but what if we actually made a holy agreement with this person, so that we could learn forgiveness or loving kindness, for instance. Persons, with whom we have a somewhat difficult relationship, are in our lives because of a karmic reason. It’s certainly not the first time we meet them, and we will continue to meet them in lifetimes to come, until we peacefully resolve what needs to be resolved.

Karmic relationships is something I most certainly will come back to in an other article. However, now I want to talk about the souls with whom we develop a beautiful and serene relationship of pure mutual love, support and help.

Why do we come together with our soul family angels?

The reason we meet is always to help each other, in one way or the other.

We all know from personal experience that this earthly journey is not always easy. Therefor, we have our soul family angels with us, to help us go through this existence of duality and ascend higher on the level of the soul towards the light. Soul family angels are our dear friends, we support each other, yet we take responsbility for our own growth. We never judge each other, but always stand beside each other. We gently steer each other back to the path of light when we loose track.

As we leave this physical body and go back into the subtle energetical level of the light that we are, we reunite with other souls into clusters of light. The clusters consists of souls who share the same energetical vibration. In this cluster of light we get the possibility to rest and review the life we’ve had here on earth, until it’s time to come back to earth and once again take on a physical form.

Together with our light guides we decide about the lessons to learn in the next round, and we make holy agreements with other souls, to meet in the next life. Some of us take on just a few life lessons to learn, and yet others of us stuff the bag full of soul lessons.

Allow things to unfold in it’s own time

The support we can give each other, sisters, brothers, strangers and friends, is invaluable. To be authentically ourselves allows Universe to faster bring us together. We don’t have to try anything, we can just be ourselves and let things unfold freely. Keep your eyes open, in your eyes shines the light that will light the heart and the memory of your soul family angel!

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I love you and always will, 


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