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Sharing from the heart and removing creative blocks

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You know the feeling when the deadline is sneaking up on you, and you’re still staring at that blank screen or untouched piece of white paper. By finding a more heart centred approach, we can quickly find our way back into the flow. 


Right attitude

As I started writing this blog post I thought “how do I find something to say that would be new and interesting, so that it would give me the best social media exposure”. This kind of attitude won’t bring me very far, because the starting point is “what’s in it for me?”. If I do something just to gain name and fame, you and everyone else will feel it’s not authentic. Perhaps you’d find it amusing or entertaining, but simultaneously after reading such a post, you’d might feel you’re walking away empty handed.

Regardless what we do, we should always start from the point that we want to share something, in order to help others and in order to give, just for the sake of giving. This is also the check point for the creative entrepreneur, to know you’re staying in the heart, and not just in the head.

Mrs Frustration and Mr Inner Critic

When we produce new blogs, podcasts, compositions or other creative products, maybe we try out some ideas, but find that nothing seems to work. Eventually two uninvited guests joins the party—Mrs Frustration and Mr Inner Critic. These guests arrived while I started to write this post and I noticed I had a battle going on in my head:

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Everyone else is so talented, I’m just a freaking beginner.”

“I don’t seem have anything to say or give, and if I do, it’s not good enough and my language is crap”.

I was undervaluing myself, as usual. However, these very few past days and weeks, a shift has started to take place within me. I have started to pay attention when the inner critic arrives. And the awareness of this not so pretty voice within makes it so much more easy to do something about it. It’s pretty impossible to change something if you aren’t aware of something, right?!

The shift

So in this shift towards more self appreciation, I’ve started to acknowledge my own ability to share from the heart, to speak with openness and vulnerability.

I have started to see, that yes, I also have something to share. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but instead it is the right content for those who appreciate me or what I have to say. Likewise, your own message will resonate with and serve the right people. I might not have anything new to show off with, but I have my own life stories and experiences. I have my own heart that is truly happy when I dare to step forward and share what’s within. It feels like my heart sends out bubbles of joy and I find myself giggling and happy, to see myself stepping into bigger boots. It’s time to stop playing small when we know we are made of stardust and -light. 

Likewise, you and everyone else has something valuable to share. Your own life experiences matter, they are actually your superpower. And you’ve been through all that you’ve been through, in order to help not only yourself, but others who has been through similar life experiences.

Universe responds

It’s seems to be that when we find the courage within to step forward and bring into the world our own heart’s wisdom, Universe also creates possibilities for us to do so. What brings me totally over the moon right now is the podcasts I’ve been able to create, and the ones I’m creating right now. The podcasts give me a possibility to speak from my heart into your heart. It has become the platform where I can be totally in sync with my heart and share episodes from my life, that I haven’t dared to share publicly before.

Cultivate self-appreciation!


Stepping forward with trust and ease

We stay way too much up in the head, thinking about what would be pleasing to our audience, when all we need to do is to connect with our own inner world and share from there. This is also the fastest way to remove the creative blocks. We can use the full range of emotions. What is that you are feeling deep inside? All your old wounds, childhood difficulties, adult life challenges, and also your breakthroughs and moments of joy and happiness, is what others wants to see and hear about. Through our feelings we connect with each other.

In addition, your feelings gives access to your own vulnerability and your sensitivity. Your vulnerability and sensitivity cracks the walls that stand in between you and your intuition. 

Creating becomes easier the less we try. All you really need to do is just to openly share what is within. The key is to trust your own inner world and to translate your feelings into a creative expression. And then just go with the flow that follows.

We should keep in mind that the Universe has something very special to manifest and it can only be brought to other people’s awareness through you! You matter, your life experiences matter. It makes no difference how you share it, maybe it will be a phone call with a friend, maybe you create your own podcasts or maybe you pour your feelings into a song or painting. Regardless, you are here to share your true self. It’s ime to step forward and trust your magnificence. 

With love,



Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
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