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Rest and renew in your cocoon

We are all energetical beings. I think it has over the years become quite obvious. How many times has it  not occurred, for instance, when you contact someone, they say:

“Oh, I was just thinking about you”.

When I started more openly share about my personal spiritual awakening, I faced ridicule and opposition. And I still do, but I’ve learned to take it with either humour or I simply do not give it too much energy, because everyone is on their own path. It’s not my job to convince anyone about anything. And I must live my life with integrity, honouring my soul agreement. If I can sprinkle a little bit stardust of hope and joy with my presence, then my job is done.

Beyond what is visible

I always knew, as a kid, that there is more to life than what we see with physical eyes. Perhaps we have all had some encounter with our guardian angels, but the wise adult tell us that there is no such thing in reality. Many of us forgot we have this ability, to sense beyond what is possible with the physical senses, but now it is opening up again.

The key is to actually trust your sixth sense. We all have it, but the problem is, we are conditioned to think it’s not real. We’ve been conditioned by society to think that intuition, sixth sense, divine connection with light beings, and so forth, is just woo woo. So it’s not always easy to trust what you can not scientifically explain.

There’s also a lot of opposition to it, actually this last year more than ever. And if you ask me, science is just as much a religion and dogma as any other religion or dogma. Science has it place, of course, but it is not the only thing that defines this world we live in.

What is reality?

Reality is what we want it to be.

Through which coloured glasses do you view yourself and the world?

As for many, also for me, the reality has changed so much over this last year. Last Spring 2020 my eyes opened to the weird pressure we are being put through as a humanity right now. You might have felt that too. A kind of pressure that makes you shrink.

Yet, no one wants to shrink. Instead, we are alchemists, we turn the harshness around into an opportunity. We can utilize the time for rest and renewal. So, this is what I want to remind you of today:

The ebb and flow of energy

Be consciously aware of the ebb and flow of energy. Sometimes it’s ok to go into your cocoon, to rest and digest, and to do so for as long as You need. Not as long as anyone else says. You do not need to follow the collective energy either. If you are a sensitive empath you might easily take on heavy energy from the collective, that is not yours.

Even if you are in your cocoon or in an “ebb -stage”, you can be there in your own vibes of peace and harmony, joy and trust. The most beautiful winged creatures on this planet, the butterflies, need time in their cocoon. Also in this ebb-stage, you can experience freedom.

Freedom is in one way very practical and simple – it is to breathe freely!

Really, take full and deep breaths, feel how your energy becomes free with every breath: free, light, calm, joyful! Breathe in fresh air.

Then, when you’re ready – expand! Go out in the world and do your “thing”, in a new way than before.

Integrity is key

Claim your place and space and do so with calm integrity. Whatever goes on in the world, you have the last word with your mind, body and soul. What I’ve personally found most useful is to disconnect completely from the news (print, radio, tv, online). Also, to detox from social media is useful.

I do not need to know everything. I’m completely fine to live in my own bubble, where I can make sure my energies stay refined, that I’m tuned into the higher frequencies of divine lightness, harmony and joy.


With much love and lightness,



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