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How to listen to your inner guidance & step into your power

“Reach for your inner guidance”. 

“All the answers you ever need are found within”.

Hah! Haven’t we all heard that before! I’ve been preaching that same message many times myself, “look within” and “step into your power”, but I’ve only understood it on a superficial level.

I’ve travelled wide and far around this globe, searching for–something. I’ve participated in yoga retreats, learned from gurus in India and Bali and studied books on yoga and spirituality. I’ve trekked the paths in Nepalese Himalayas, became vegetarian by accident and stopped drinking booze. Quit my 9-5 insurance job, sold my home, bought an one way ticket to Borneo, took a leap of faith, and started teaching yoga and meditation full time…

Sincerely, I’ve been living my life to the fullest, yet, something was still missing. I wouldn’t stop and listen to the little voice within.

It’s so easy to trust other people’s guidance for us and to forget about our own inner wisdom. Now, of course, it’s great to have trust in other people and to be open to hear what other’s have to say. However, we should never neglect our own inner power and wisdom.

No one else will know better how to live your own life, than you. Gurus and teachers come and go in our lives, but there’s only one that will stay forever in your life, and that’s your own heart.

It started already late last year, this nagging feeling, that I really should take more silent time for myself. I felt that there was something I didn’t want to see or hear. Something that was just under the surface, but I didn’t want to allow it into my conscious mind. So I kept pushing forward without listening to this nagging feeling, which was my heart trying to get my attention.

However, just a few weeks ago there was a sudden change. My eyes a kind of spontaneously started to open. I could see more clearly than in many months before. I realised what my heart had known it already for a long time. I had done the same thing again, as I’ve done before! I had put my teacher up on the piedestal, without questioning anything this person said. Now the time had come to start trusting myself, fully and completely. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a mentor to walk beside you! Yet, how could someone, who doesn’t know your past, who never heard the thoughts inside your head, or who never felt the emotional ups and down you’ve been through, know how you should live your life? Your own heart whispers only to you. You, and no one else, are the master guru of your own life! Turn your attention within, and you’ll know how to make the most of this precious life.

It’s completely ok to allow yourself to be deeply inspired by an other person, but always remember to question what an other person suggests for you. What is true for an other person might not be true for you. In the end, your own wisdom is what counts!

If something doesn’t resonate with you, then just discard it. Let the other person know, if you don’t feel good about something. Just because the guidance came from a well known guru or teacher, doesn’t mean you have to accept it without question. Trust your feelings and inner voice.



How to listen to you inner guidance?

1. Press the pause button, become silent and be present

If we are continously running forward, never stopping to rest, then we will miss out on a lot of beauty. We can’t hear our heart’s guidance, unless we take silent time for ourselves. I mean literally, sit down in silence, turn the radio, tv, phone and all music off for a moment. Do your own meditation practice or join a guided meditation (try this free Guided Meditation for Inner Peace). Spend time in nature, take a walk or just sit down on a rock. A few minutes is enough to start with, make it longer if you feel like it. That’s it! For two weeks, try to stick with it daily!

2. Clarifying your thoughts

Find clarity in your own mind, and you will experience more peace as . As you learn to “see” and question your own thoughts you will also experience increased inner peace. When you come to the point that you know how to discern the voice of the heart from the voice of the ego mind (watch this short video to learn laser-sharp discernment), you’ll simultaneously learn not to identify with your thoughts.

Find clarity of mind by keeping a journal. Write freely, without thinking too much about what you write, and you’ll make your own thoughts visible for yourself. Do your favourite meditation practice, or go outdoors in nature. You’ll see there’s a lot of nonsense up in the head, and that you don’t need to take all your thoughts seriously. That in itself is a huge relief, we don’t have to give attention to every thought we think!

I’ve also noticed that to take a shower can clear the thoughts as well as the subtle energfield surrounding us. Allow the water to pour over your head and body, while keeping the intention that the water clears away everything that doesn’t serve your highest and best anymore.

3. Check your feelings

Your own feelings reveal a lot to you. If you feel that something makes you feel uneasy or if some kind of anxiety arises, then give proper importance to these feelings. Your intuition speaks to you also through your emotions. Pay attention to how you actuallly feel.

4. Sensations in your body

If something is not aligned with our highest and best, we will physically feel it in our bodies. Feelings manifest in our bodies as different sensations. You may feel a misaligned issue as a tension in your belly, as pressure in your chest area or as a tightness in your throat. Raise your awareness of the subtle messages from your wonderful and wise body. A gentle and mindful yoga practice for instance, will help you strengthen your body-mind -connection.

5. Coincidences that aren’t coincidences

You know that feeling, when you so badly wish for your sweet dream to come true…but it just doesn’t happen!? It’s not coming true, no matter how hard you try. I’m not saying that we should give up easily on something that we want to see manifested in our lives. However, when things aren’t going the way we planned, it’s actually the intelligence of life itself, gently guiding us. It’s whispering to us “relax, it’s not yet the righ time” or it’s repeating “wrong way, turn around, wrong way, turn around”.

This is the point where you’re asked to surrender to the higher wisdom you carry within. To see, that life carries you, no matter what. Press the pause button, and in your own way, connect to your inner wisdom and your heart. Trust your own life journey, things are unfolding just perfectly.

6. Learn to trust

I think learning to trust your own inner guidance might be the most difficult part in stepping into your infinite power. All the answers you need are found within. No one else, no book, no video, no guru, no nothing can guide you better than your own heart. Make an effort to learn to trust the voice of your higher self. Pause, breathe and spend time with yourself in silence.

So, make a conscious choice to step into your own power, right now! Peace, loving kindness and joy will follow. Trust, that all the guidance you ever wish for, are within you. Your own heart is like an oasis of deep inner wisdom, inner guidance. You know what to do! Now, go!

Much love! -Monika

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