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Life’s happy reminders to live from the heart

Life gives us joyful events as happy reminders to stay in trust and keep on living from the heart!

Life itself brings us continously happy events, through which we may find more softness and return back to living from the heart. However, it’s up to us wether we notice these events as reminders of the possibility to live with lightfulness end easiness.

In our role as alchemists, where we transform our struggles into an elixir of growth, we might sometimes forget that life just as much gives us happy moments to find back to our true Self.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

You’ve probably heard many times that “your vibe attracts your tribe.”  So have I, but honestly it’s just very recently that I really started to experience this in my life. When we are staying in lower vibrations, focusing on what others are doing wrong or what is not good in our lives, we rather zoom out when someone reminds us that we are like magnets. What ever it is that we feel within, the more of the same we will attract into our lives.

First, concentrate to find back to the inherent joy that you already have within. Take responsibility for your own wellbeing, stop blaming others and your self. Just decide, to feel great, and you’ve already shifted your inner subtle energy. Life will respond by brining more great things into your life.


A tree shifts is energy effortlessly as the light starts to increase in the Spring!


Inner shift

If you don’t know how to make this inner shift, try gratitude! Yeah, I know, you’ve probably heard this million times before, “just be grateful for what you have in your life”, but all I can say is, that it really works. Gratitude brings us instantly into higher vibrations and life brings us right away more things to be grateful for.

If life serves you lemons, be grateful for them too, because they’re actually full of vitamin c 😉

The more contentment and gratitude you have within, the more happiness shines from your heart out into the world. It’s all about living from the inside out. Pay attention to how your environment starts to respond to your inner joy. Shift your inner world, and see how miracles begin to occur in your life.

You can also check out this YouTube video I made earlier, Three ways to joy and happiness – Now!

Dreams come true

Last weekend I was attending the annual Helsinki Yoga Festival. I had the pleasure to give a Lightfulness inspired lecture, about the inner journey of a shift in consciousness. It was actually one of my biggest dreams that came true at this moment, to talk in front of a bigger audience about the light that we carry within. At that moment, I felt it in every single cell of my body, that my place will be to stand in front of huge audiences. When, where and how that will take place, I leave up to the Universe to arrange.

I hope my dreams will inspire you to dream big as well! Thinking too little of oneself is not gonna bring us forwards. Our task is actually to remember our grandness. We can be humble human beings and still remember that we are sons and daughters of an infinitely expanding Universe.

Remember your grandness!


Effortlessness and trust

This dream, as well as all previous manifested dreams, has happened completely effortlessly. I’m clear about what I want and then I just allow myself to be guided by the little voice within, step by step. Sometimes life takes its’ time, like many years, before we see our dreams come into fruition, so keep the faith. But when your dream does manifest, it’s like Universe is saying:

“Thanks for the trust honey, here you go! Enjoy! Be happy!”

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