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Highly sensitive persons time to rest and recharge

Invitation for highly sensitive and intuitive persons to rest and recharge

If you are a highly sensitive person, you might have found yourself in intense times these past weeks. Know, that you are not alone, and this too shall pass. You might have felt more tired than usual, or maybe you’ve just had an overwhelming feeling, that there’s too much going on now. To be sensitive has both good and bad sides.

Sensitivity and intuition

The more sensitive we become, the sharper our intuition also becomes. So what is intuition? It is to know, without any outer reason, or without scientific proof. You just feel something and you know it’s true. Heightened sensitivity, on the other hand, allows you to feel both what goes on in you, as well as what goes on around you. As a highly sensitive person you notice other peoples feelings, mindsets and also intentions, and it’s not always pretty, but that’s ok. As a highly sensitive person you probably know that sensitivity and intuition walks tightly hand in hand.

Now, intuition is like your friendly companion who tells you what to go for and what to watch out for. Intuition only works if we dare to listen to and believe in the information that is there for us, even if we can’t see or hear it with our physical senses. Yet, we do need our physical senses, to feel the intuitive messages in our physical bodies. Everyone is intuitive, yet sometimes we need to re-awaken or sharpen the skill. This is when we can focus on our sensitivity, as one mean to become more intuitive.

Increase your sensitivity and strengthen your intuition

Sensitivity is increased when we refrain from indulging in intoxicants. I made the decision to leave all heavy intoxicants more than seven years ago, such as alcohol, which allows me to now use my body as a platform for more and more fine-tuned messages. Personally, I’ve also noticed that a vegetarian based diet helps me to keep the lightness in my body, and it’s equally helpful not to overeat. Gentle exercise and proper rest allows the body to work in an optimal way.

To be able to feel on a deeper level, it’s equally important to refrain from allowing our ego minds to rule our world. When we engage in drama, anger, judgement and resentment, our ego minds are running the show. On the other hand, when the heart has taken it’s righteous place as the king or queen in our lives, we will feel naturally peaceful and joyful. In a peaceful state, we can hear the subtle messages given to us through our intuition.


monika makitalo blog lion resting in sunshine

Listen to the wisdom of your heart!

Dare to question your life

The intenisity of these past weeks, or even months, has now culminated into “take it or leave it” -offers. Either we continue in the same manner as before, and feel awful, or allow ourselves to question everything in our lives, and find more lightness as we do so.

You might have noticed that life offers you now, more than ever before, situations that are perhaps tricky, but which allows you to look at your life from new perspectives. People from the past pop up in your life out of nowhere, and you get the chance to either forgive them or hold on to anger and resentment. Situations that requires you to step out of your comfort zone appear in front of you, demanding you to question the beliefs about everything, including yourself. As I highly sensitive person you might just want to hide under the blanket and wish for everything to just go away (I certainly feel this way), but now stamina and inner strength is called for. 

Life gives us what we need to learn our soul’s lessons

Personally, I’m now given the chance to look at the belief that I’m a “sweet and kind girl that doesn’t cause any problems to anyone else”. I’m guided to look within, and to see, that it’s more important for me to be completely true to myself, than to not upset someone else emotionally. We must not forsake ourselves. Instead, we must stand up for ourselves and not let others take advantage of our kindness or gentleness. If you’ve also were given “the neat and pretty girl/boy” -label already as a child, as I was, now is the time to shake it off.

It’s ok to step out of our comfort zones, knowing that now is the time to not swallow injustice any longer. It’s ok to be kind, gentle, loving and soft, as long as we hold our own boundaries and speak up for ourselves. 

Someone I used to hang out with some 20 years ago suddenly appeared in my social media feed this week. This man did something that he easily would have been convicted for, if I’ve taken the whole episode to the police. But I never did, instead I just kept quiet about the mistreatment, and carried it within me for some years. At some point time does make things right again. Now, when the memories where reawakened, I noticed I’ve forgiven him already long ago.  I send him a kind message to let him know that I’ve forgiven him and that everything is all right, and he responded with a likewise kind and lovely message. This act of kindness released within me any last strings attached, and allowed my heart to soften even more. Here you can get help with forgiveness. 

Be true to yourself

Everything that is not true is now forced up to the surface, and that’s why being a highly sensitive person is not so yummy right now. Because when we feel, we feel with great intensity. I had to stop watching tv and movies already many years ago, because of the violence that they contain, and maybe you’ve felt the need to do the same. We always joke with an other sensitive friend, that Disney’s Bambi movie is about as much as we can take. However, there’s some movies that are very uplifting and lovely, such as Louise Hay’s movie You Can Heal Your Life. You can watch this movie FOR FREE UNTIL OCTOBER 31st, by clicking this link: You Can Heal Your Life

To be true to ourselves might mean that we have to say no to job offers, social gatherings, relationships or any other situations that simply does not feel right any more. We stand up for our rights and refuse to be mistreated or taken advantage of any longer.

We choose what feels good for us. Energy healer Lee Harris talks about that lightworkers around the globe are experiencing burn outs right now, because times are so intense. He urges those who has a hightened sense of responsibility, to first and foremost take care of themselves now. If you’re a highly responsible person, always caring for other’s needs, now is the time to take responsibility for your own needs. 

Rest and recharge

It’s good to remember that also this shall pass. Things will become lighter again. As we go through this inner cleaning, leaving behind all that is not true for us anymore, there will be both ups and downs. As highly sensitive persons, or anyone else for that matter, we might need more rest than usual. And we want to take extra care of all our needs, in fact it’s more important than ever. We care for your physical, mental and spiritual needs in the best possible way. Be like a loving mother or father to yourself, and promise yourself to be kind, loving, understanding and compassionate towards yourself. If you need some love and support I’ve created an online Course with the same name Love and Support, and at the moment I offer it for FREE. Click here to access Love and Support now. 

This Sunday, I woke up late, took an hour to enjoy my breakfast and read a spiritually inspiring book by Doreen Virtue. I met up with a beautiful friend, did a guided meditation (watch one of my favourites here) and had a relaxing walk outdoors. As I’m writing these words, I’m all snuggled up on the sofa, sipping my favourite tea and eating some chocolate pralines 🙂

Let’s be really kind and loving towards ourselves!


Highly sensitive intuitive persons time to rest and recharge

Time to rest and recharge!


Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
  • Hanna Kaikkonen
    October 16, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Thank you , Monica.
    The past weeks have been so heavy for my whole family, that your words were a true vomfort: “life gives us what we need to learn for our soul’ s lessons”

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