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Harmony and healing with the help of nature

Today Sunday April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. I see this day, and the rest of the days of the year, as a possibility to find a deeper gratitude for Mother Earth! Nature heals us into our inherent harmony and balance!

Love and gratitude

Some years back, I used to practice buddhist meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh’s direct student, Sister Thieu, here in Helsinki. I recall especially one practice that she guided for us, even if I don’t remember the words we were supposed to use. However, it was a walking meditation where we felt every single foot step on the floor.

Around half way through the practice, a spontaneous feeling of deep gratitude towards the Eearth flooded over me. I felt I needed to apologize to Mother Earth, for not taking her better into consideration. A deep love and compassion for nature started to develop. Perhaps this might sound a bit weird, but I truly love every little expression of life itself. I talk to the plants and the animals, hug the trees and feel a mutual exchange of support and love between myself and nature.

All we need to do, is to spend time outdoors in nature, to receive all the healing that we need. Nature gives us all that we need, in any given moment.

Our innate peace and harmony is restored, just by taking a walk in nature or the forest. How amazing isn’t that!

Spotted this beautiful spring green flower this week as I was out for a walk in nature!

Forrest Therapy

A friend of mine send me this link to, and I’d like to quote what was written there:

“It has been scientifically proven, that spending time in nature – and especially in the forest – is essentially for relaxation and recuperation. As well as oxygen the trees dispense a scent and ethereal oils (Terpene).

As you move through the forest your body interacts with the terpene in the highest constitutional way. Breathing in specific Terpene produces so-called, ‘killer cells’ (a form of leukocyte). Our immune system is therefore strengthened and we are better protected against infection.

After spending one day in the forest, the number of these natural killer cells in the blood has risen by almost 40%.The effect lasts seven days. After a stay of three days in a forestry area this effect lasts up to 30 days.*”

*Clemens G. Arvay, Der Biophilia Effekt – Heilung aus dem Wald, edition a Verlag, Wien 2015

Make a contribution

It truly is the responsibility for all of us, to make sure we have healthy forest areas also in the future.

What are your favourite Earth friendly daily, weekly, monthly or yearly habits? 🙂

I would be very happy if you’d like to share some ideas, as we always benefit from each others tips 🙂 Contribute to raise the awareness for all of us, by commenting below! Your comment is very much appreciated, trust your own wisdom!


Thank you!!!


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