Why is Forgiveness so hard?


Easter time might give us lots of chocolate eggs, but what else?  You might have heard of that J.C. guy, who was a carpenter, and lived about 2000 years ago. I’ve heard he did some remarkable stuff.  Maybe this Easter time also is a chance to remember what gives us lasting peace inside? Forgiveness is worth diving deeper into.

Last year I had the privilege to attend a Hay House writers workshop hosted by Doreen Virtue & Co, on the paradise island of Maui. Before the third workshop day started, I had some spare time. I was strolling around Kaanapali Beach when I heard an absolutely amazing live song that got goosebumps on my skin. I headed closer, and noticed the music came from a Sunday morning Service at the beach.

Well, I might just sit down outside on the grass and listen to the music, I thought. Soon tears were falling down my cheeks. My heart was literally melting, and felt as if divine grace was pouring over and inside me. Stumbling in awe I made my way to the group to listen to Pastor Richard Murray’s light filled preach.

God forgives us instantly, repeatedly, freely and completely”, Pastor Richard said.

Instantly. Repeatedly. Freely. Completely.  

What a precious blessing these words are. When he spoke them, I just could not stop crying out of relief. God does not want us to suffer. Ask for forgiveness and you will receive it. Ask for help to forgive others. This is God’s gift to us.

The Easter holidays are a perfect yearly reminder of the gift of forgiveness. When Divine love enter our hearts we will feel the instant and complete forgiveness that is available to all of us. Divine love is so intense that it completely shakes us up on the inside.

We think we are broken inside, but broken is not reality. Broken exists only in our heads. Our hearts are already perfect and pure. It’s just our tricky minds that tells us forgiveness is difficult. But if we want inner peace and freedom, we may focus on our hearts.

Let’s think of it this way. A musical instrument, such as an ukulele, has to be tuned so that the sound is harmonious. So it is also with you and me. When we are out of sync with our true selves we simply do not feel ok. Our true self knows love only, and we just need to tune ourselves back in alignment with this universal love.

When we ask for help from God, Jesus and the Angels (or insert here any other name), they hear us and they will help us.

What are we so afraid of? God doesn’t judge us. So, we did wrong. We all do wrong. All we need to do is to pray, and admit our mistakes to ourselves, and to God. I’m very aware of that we can carry guilt within ourselves for many years, as I did so myself, but it doesn’t serve us or anyone else. Instead we opt for freedom, and say “Dear God, please help me, I did wrong, please forgive me and please help me to forgive myself”. 

And how long shall we hold on to resentment or anger? Again, I did carry some anger within me for decades, until the desire to be free finally grew stronger.  So, someone else did us wrong, are we gonna destroy our precious lives by holding on to anger? Please free yourself (faster than I did). We can say the words “Dear God/Jesus/.., please help me to release my anger and resentment, and to forgive this person, now”.

We will see that this world is a magical place when we dare to love. Forgiveness is an expression of love too. The outer is a reflection of the inner. What we send out is what we will experience. Love is who we are. Start by loving yourself, and the easiest way to do it, is to see yourself as the divine being that you are. Then extend your love to others, see them as God’s little children too. Because, in the end, we are all the same, we are all One.

Happy Easter!

I love you!


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