cLooking for Course Testers

Looking for Course Testers

In the Course we explore our spiritual side to achieve pure Peace and Joy

Hi sweeties!

Would you like to have more Peace and Joy in your life? I’ve created a Course where we will explore our spiritual side, to achieve what so many of us long for: freedom, contentment, peace and joy.

Maybe you’ve been on the spiritual path already for some time, or you are new to it, but interested to learn more.

For so many years I tried to do everything by myself, not realising help is available if we just ask for it. When we ask for help, the Universe will respond and we shall receive what we need and wish for.

Maybe you’re, just like I did, thinking small of yourself, hanging on to the past and false beliefs about yourself, telling yourself you’ll never be content, peaceful and joyful, nor have the life you want to. However, if you are reading this, it’s no coincidence! I dare to say, you’re reading this, because your heart has send a silent calling. Your heart has a wisdom of it’s own, and it wants to be free. 

I’m here to help you achieve breakthroughs, in all areas of your life. More and more of us are awakening to abundance, peace and love, and you have now the chance to experience even more profoundly too. It takes courage, but it’s closer than you think!

In this Course, you will:  

  • Learn the see how a life crisis or any problem is a door to awakening
  • Understand your life journey
  • Understand the awakening journey (from head to heart)
  • Learn to release your stress
  • Get clear on your needs, wishes and dreams
  • Open to receive
  • Remember who you truly are
  • …and much more!

When the course officially launches, it will cost between $197 and $497 USD, with the possibility to upgrade to a VIP-package. There is no cost to participate as a tester of this course, however, if accepted, you will be expected to complete weekly surveys and assignments to remain in the test group.

The deadline to apply as a tester of this course is February 28th, 2017.

Read more about the course and APPLY HERE:

Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
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