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Consciousness release

The headline for today “consciousness release” might seem a bit over the edge, but bare with me. It will start making sense when you read on.

However, I’d like to ask you to also read with your “inner eyes”, meaning your inner knowing, the silent voice that speaks to your heart.

Today I was delighted to instruct a stretching and conscious breath moment for the participants of a seminar, about responsibility towards young employees in work life. What a beautiful moment, when this 100 people big group of Finland’s biggest companies’ HR directors, joyfully do the practices in their high heels or neatly tied ties.

What can I say, there’s always time to care for your body and breath!

If you company is interested to learn more about mindful movement and breathing exercises for corporate customers, send me an e-mail to info(at) and I’ll tell you more.

tea time fav cafe

After the event I felt I needed a bit of me -time so decided to enjoy a cup of tea in one of my favourite cafés in Helsinki to just chill for a moment and to write. I’d figured that as I had just been talking about the importance of self care, I needed to stand behind my words and pause for a moment 😉

When I do intuitive or free flow -writing, I have no idea about the words that will come out. I love this kind of boundless writing, and do recommend you to try it too! It’s very relaxing.

Tea time

Here’s the words that came out today:


There’s a force, higher than you and me, guiding your every step, if you allow it to. 

It has a feeling inside of you.

We give this feeling many names: 

Voice of the heart // Intuition // Inner knowledge 

We give the Source of this feeling many names: 

Heart consciousness // Pure Consciousness // Higher Self // True Self // the Divine // Source energy // the Light within // …

This Source is boundless, limitless, infinite. 

It only knows about peace, love and blissful joy.


Imagine what kind of infinite bliss each and everyone of us carry within! We get caught up in silly dramas of everyday life, and just forget about our true nature. But it’s possible to reawaken the memory of who we truly are.

This deep “inner knowledge” is what we call upon when we want to proceed forward in our lives. This is the knowledge to consult when we need an answer to pretty much any question or when we are faced with a new situation. This is the wisdom we all carry within, we just need to find a way to release into our conscious mind.

You can straightforwardly let this silent voice ‘speak’ to you. To be able to hear it, you need to become restful and relaxed.  If you sharpen your focus it will become even easier available to you.

Therfor, practice daily meditation to deepen your connection to your true Self.

Upcoming Saturday September 8th, 2018, you can join my Beginner’s meditation Course at SHALA Helsinki (click link to learn more).

Reserve your seat here:


Relaxation and meditation is highly linked with your intuition!

Much love and talk to you soon!

You’re welcome to comment on this post and share your own experiences. Thank you!


Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
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