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Highly sensitive persons time to rest and recharge

Invitation for highly sensitive and intuitive persons to rest and recharge If you are a highly sensitive person, you might have found yourself in intense times these past weeks. Know, that you are not alone, and this too shall pass. You might have felt more tired than usual, or maybe you’ve just had an overwhelming feeling, that there’s too much going on now. To be sensitive has both good and bad sides. Sensitivity and intuition The more sensitive we become, the sharper our intuition also becomes. So what is intuition? It is to know, without any outer reason, or without scientific proof. You just feel something and you know it’s true. Heightened sensitivity, on the other hand, allows you to feel both what goes on in you, as well as what goes on around you. As a highly sensitive person you notice other peoples feelings, mindsets and also intentions, and it's not always pretty, but that's ok. As a highly sensitive person you probably know that sensitivity and intuition walks tightly hand in hand. Now, intuition is like your friendly companion who tells you what to go for and what to watch out for. Intuition only works if we dare to listen to and believe in the information that is there for us, even if we can’t see or hear it with our physical senses. Yet, we do need our physical senses, to feel the intuitive messages in our physical bodies. Everyone is intuitive, yet sometimes we need to re-awaken or sharpen the skill. This is when we can focus on our sensitivity, as one mean to become more intuitive. Increase your sensitivity and strengthen your intuition Sensitivity is increased when we refrain from indulging in intoxicants. I made the decision to leave all heavy intoxicants more than seven years ago, such as alcohol, which allows me to now use my body as a platform for more and more fine-tuned messages. Personally, I’ve also noticed that a vegetarian based diet helps me to keep the lightness in my body, and it's equally helpful not to overeat. Gentle exercise and proper rest allows the body to work in an optimal way. To be able to feel on a deeper level, it’s equally important to refrain from allowing our ego minds to rule our world. When we engage in drama, anger, judgement and resentment, our ego minds are running the show. On the...

cLooking for Course Testers

Looking for Course Testers

In the Course, we explore our spiritual side to achieve pure Peace and Joy. Hi sweeties! Would you like to have more Peace and Joy in your life? I've created a Course where we will explore our spiritual side, to achieve what so many of us long for: freedom, contentment, peace and joy....

Peaceful Joyful Living Survey

Peaceful Joyful Living

Survey Peaceful Joyful Living! Invitation for You to continue on Your Spiritual Journey! I've been on a spiritual journey for some years now, and the deeper I dig the more I learn, and the more interested I get. As I got out from the "spiritual closet", this interest developed into my life purpose. My life task is to assist you in finding freedom, peace and joy within, by exploring your spiritual side and deepening your connection to your highest self....

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New Beginning

Hi dear friends, Welcome to my new web pages http://www.monikamakitalo.com I'm very happy for all the new beginnings that these new web pages facilitates. Transformative online courses will be helpful for everyone looking for more peace and inner freedom. Real freedom comes when we get free from our own minds. You will also hear news about our upcoming events, new videos and my book, which brings a message of hope and healing to everyone who has been through some rough times in their lives or who want peace of mind. Let's stay in touch! I love you very much! -Monika...