Peaceful Joyful Living Survey

Peaceful Joyful Living

Survey Peaceful Joyful Living!

Invitation for You to continue on Your Spiritual Journey!

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for some years now, and the deeper I dig the more I learn, and the more interested I get. As I got out from the “spiritual closet”, this interest developed into my life purpose. My life task is to assist you in finding freedom, peace and joy within, by exploring your spiritual side and deepening your connection to your highest self.

To know how to best help others, I would need to know what your concerns are and what you are struggling with the most right now!

I’ve created a survey, and if spirituality and personal self-development is your cup of tea, I would kindly ask you to fill it in 

Here’s the link:

It will only take you a minute or two to fill in! I will most most grateful for your help! If you know someone who may be interested to take this survey, do share the link with your friend too!

A peaceful and joyful life is our birthright!

The link will be active for about one more week!

I highly appreciate your help, thank you so much in advance!

Much love,



Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
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  • Audrey Bgt
    April 27, 2017 at 2:23 am

    What a great opportunity! Thank you for that, Monika 🙂

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