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Stay peaceful, well and happy—not matter what

Peace is like a never ending project. However, the more we pay attention to our overall wellbeing, the easier it gets to continuously choose peace as a way of living.

Actually, peace is who we truly are. The peaceful self, is unconditional love embodied in this world. We can work on our own peace, and simultaneously contribute to make this world a more loving place.

As I’m writing this, I just finished teaching a meditation class for a digital service design and development studio in downtown Helsinki. The employees are a group of sweethearts that put a lot of mental effort into the work they do. A work that requires them to stay tuned to their creativity in order to succeed. The door to creativity is opened by connecting with the peace we all have inside.


How to stay peaceful?

We chatted after the class and all agreed, that when life gets super busy, it all comes down to very basic ways to keep yourself in balance—sufficient sleep, excercise and proper nutrition. In addition, add in some relaxation and meditation practices and we can usually stay balanced. 

Body, mind and spirit are closely interlinked. Body starts to have aches and pains if we don’t treat it properly and the mind easily get restless when the body isn’t functioning well. When you loose touch with your heart’s intelligence, such as compassion and understanding, you’ll feel restless and the restlessness is very much present in your body too.

Relaxation and exercise helps you reduce especially the restlessness in your body, but indirectly you will feel more calm in your mind, and as you feel an overall calmness, you are automatically connected to your spirit, your heart.



When I studied to become a yoga therapist one of our beloved teachers was a german orthopedic, who had changed his surgery knife to the tools of yoga, because he had experienced the benefits of yoga himself. Above all, this German man taught us women how to be gentle with ourselves. I found this quite extraordinary, as it’s usually us women talking about gentleness and self-love.

Yoga is an easy way to connect body, mind and spirit, and to find patience and acceptance with yourself and others.

Even if I teach yoga, I don’t think it’s the only way to stay physically fit. Actually, yoga is more a “work in” than a “work out”. Yoga is to work on your inner peace even if we tend to think it’s just a physical exercise.

Joy is a contributor to peace, so do what you find interesting and motivating. In addition to yoga, I love cycling and walking outdoors in nature. Cycling gives me a sense of freedom, while walking in nature restores the harmony immediately. Maybe you love something totally different, like swimming, going to the gym, surfing or boxing. Always take care of your body in a way that feels good for you. There’s millions different ways to excercise, do whatever makes you happy.

Oh yes, and this reminds me to dance a little bit more, lock the door to the bedroom, draw the curtains in front of the window and put on some crazy 80’s or 90’s music, and to litterally dance like no one is watching 😉 Peace and freedom also comes when we don’t take ourselves so seriously.


Rest, relax and meditate

My yoga and meditation teacher A.G Mohan says it so well, “do whatever it takes to stay peaceful”. In a wholesome way of course. Lately I’ve found a lot of help from guided relaxation practices such as yoga nidra, because my sleep has been a little uneasy lately. Guided meditation practices helps to focus and connect to the inner peace. You can sign up to my newsletter here, to receive your copy of my 7 minute guided meditation for inner peace.

The daily morning meditation is the place where I continuously connect with the peace within. Sometimes I feel the peace so strongly and at other times the mind is more busy thinking about what’s for dinner, or to listen to someone eating a raw carrot in the kitchen. But that’s just the way it is. My trust in the tools of yoga is strong and I believe that to patiently do the practice will bring even sweeter fruits at some point.

This reminds me of the quote where the monk speaks to his teacher, first in a very upset tone:
“Master, my meditation sucks! I can’t concentrate and I don’t feel the peace.”
Master replies to monk:
“Don’t worry, it will pass.”
The next day the monk comes running to his teacher, happily saying:
“Master, my meditation this morning was great, I felt so peaceful and connected with all and everything”.
Master replies to monk:
“Don’t worry, it will pass.”


If you feel you need help to tap in to your peace within, check out my new online course for stress release and lasting peace. It’s an easy to follow five step program to connect you with the peace within. You can read more about the one week program here:


Meaningful relationships

In addition to taking care of yourself with sufficient sleep, excercise, relaxation, meditation and proper nutrition, I’d like to add one more thing that I feel makes a huge difference for my wellbeing—amazing friends. The one’s that stand by your side no matter what. The ones that remind you of the changing nature of life itself. Even if you feel upset or restless right now, better times are ahead. The ones that makes you laugh and feel good about yourself. The ones you want to help just as much they want to help you. Mutual support seems to be one of the secrets of a well functioning friendship, where giving and receiving is balanced. 

I don’t know anything better than to have a heartfelt conversation with a great friend, perhaps sipping some tea and wondering about life. It feels just as good to be the one who gives, as it feels to be the one that receives the support. So right now, as I often get shy to say how I really feel, just want to say to all my friends here, old ones and to you who I’ve just met: I love you.

Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for your phone calls, messages and face to face meetings. Thank you for your time. I really, really love you, and now I feel like crying, because you make this world a better place, by just being who you truly are. Thank you for being You!


Hugs and kisses,



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