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Allow yourself to be happy

Mind always seems to think that things needs to be different, in order to be happy. What if it’s all about that you “Allow yourself to be happy”?

“I need more money. My partner makes my life difficult. I hate my job. Other people disappoint me continuously. This world is against me….”
Today, just a few hours ago, I could see my mind going into all these thoughts again, finding reasons on the outside why I can’t be happy.


It is essential that we stop for a moment and see our own thoughts. Question the thoughts. It’s actually not the outside that makes us unhappy, it’s our own perception of the outside world.
Yet we hold on to our crappy limiting beliefs, because it’s easier to find someone else to blame, than to actually take action. It can be scary to take action and build a life that you want.
If you’re tired of being a doormat, then stand up! Speak up, even if you are 100% sure that you will disappoint someone else. If you need more money, find a job that pays better. Seriously, you deserve a decent income, actually, you deserve to be a millionaire! If your partner is an asshole year after year, then divorce. There IS someone out there who loves you, just the way you are, and who will appreciate you. If you feel this whole life is against you, then consider this: are you fighting Yourself or are you accepting Yourself?
What if happiness is something we can choose, in any given moment. What if happiness is actually based on us gaining control over our own mind. To rewire the brain into finding joy in every day life.
Your thoughts create your feelings. But you can evoke feelings within yourself to affect your thinking too. You know how happiness FEELS in your body, you know how it feels when you are happy. Look for the feeling in your body. Can you smile right now and feel those happy feelings?


Because our ego mind likes drama, it takes different roles as “victim”, “martyr”, “angrybird” or whatever. The mind likes us to keep us in it’s very own prison. We live up to roles given by others. We act on personality traits dictated by someone else. We think we are this and that, but do we know ourselves?
Can we stop for a moment and become empty like newborn babies again? Look with fresh eyes on this world and everything around us?
Can we find joy in feeling the wind on our skin, in seeing the sun shining, looking at the stars at night, making a phone call to someone you really really like, receiving a smile from a stranger, drinking a cup of tea and enjoy silence?



Many of us has something I like to call the “artist gene”. I have it. What I mean is that I feel things so freaking deeply. The good stuff and the bad stuff. When I’m joyful it feels like all my cells in my body vibrate at a higher speed. When I’m down I don’t see much light at all. Those feelings are a catalyst for creation, yes, but with the artist gene you tend to glorify also the bad stuff, just because it makes you feel alive.In those moments, remember, nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable. And it’s all fine. Because when I love, I love very very much, to the point that it feels my heart is melting. 
Just work on knowing yourself, your thoughts and feelings and hidden beliefs.


I think happiness is born from our own attitude towards life. I’ve been through some rough times. Ten or twelve years ago I was at the bottom and quite literally didn’t see much light in the tunnel. Things are not always like a happy unicorn dance. Sometimes we just feel like sh*t. But in that moment, it’s still OK and possible to see some glimpses of light. It’s still OK to find joy. Then the joy will increase, more and more. Day by day we train our mind to look for the joy and FEEL it.
This coming year, I hope I can allow myself to be happier. Find joy in the little things. Stop being a victim, instead taking responsibility and action for my own happiness. Making choices that cherish what the little girl inside would like, not based on thoughts on how I think others wants me to be. Stop pleasing others and respect the soul that lives in my body. This life is not supposed to be a struggle of survival, I think we all can ENJOY this life a little bit more. I want to enjoy EVERYTHING that life wants to give me. And yes, I will continue to count my blessings. And TRUST that Universe is abundant and has plenty more of the good stuff, also for me.


I am worthy. YOU are worthy. We all are. Because our worthiness depends on the fact that we have been born, we are all children of this infinite Universe.
Our worthiness is NOT dependent on the fact that we remembered everyones birthday, that we got the perfect Christmas present for others, that we vacuum cleaned the house, that we made the phone call we promised to do but forgot, that we held all our promises, that we said the right words to others, that we were silent when we thought it was the right thing to do, that we always ate healthy and did our homework, that we “worked on our spirituality”, and behaved “properly”. NO. Your worthiness is simply dependent on the fact that YOU, as a soul, has chosen to live this life right now, in the physical body that you carry.
Sure, we strive to be decent human beings and kind. But in the eyes of Universe and Life itself, we are no less worthy, even if we don’t live up to our own standards of a perfect human being. Perfection is out. (Com)passion and joy is the mantra for 2019!
Let’s allow ourselves to be happy, ok!? Let’s enjoy life as it is, the little things and the big things, while step by step building a life that is aligned with the desire of the little girl or boy within. Cherish yourself.
Much love and hugs,
Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
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