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Everything is energy

We have to start to embrace the fact that everything is energy.

Your thoughts, words, actions and the feelings and emotions behind them—emanate an energy beyond your control. Even your feelings and emotions behind an unspoken word or action not taken, effects your energy field.


We can not escape any longer that all our thoughts, words and actions affects our energy field around us. You may call it aura or light body, or something else, but one thing is true, your thoughts and feelings, words and actions, affect not only your physical body, but also your etherical body, your light body. Your light body extends beyond your physical body.


You will always be the biggest looser if you’re being nasty

And it doesn’t stop there. Words, thoughts and actions or refrainment from speech or action, all carry an energy of their own. Every thought, word and action has a certain feeling and emotion attached to it and the feeling or emotions has a certain energy that radiates to the surrounding boundlessly.

If you think an ugly thought of someone else, well guess what, you take the hardest punishment of that thought. Thoughts create an negative feeling in your body, and even if you would enjoy that ugly thought in the moment, because the other person did or said something bad to you, you still suffer yourself from the ugly thought. Why? Because you’re ego mind in you is the source of that thought. It’s in you, not in the other person. If you say the ugly words directly to the other person, you double your own misery. Why? Because you will also feel the sadness/anger of the other person, the reaction of the other person. So then you’d carry both your own judgement and the sadness from the other person.



Become aware of who you truly are

Now, we all have this ego mind that plays tricks on us. Don’t become depressed even if you’d feel like that nasty person, even if you judge and condemn or make other people feel bad on purpose. We ALL are that nasty person sometimes.

What you can do, if you wish to find more freedom, peace and joy, is to become aware that you are something far greater than your ego mind. You have a complete purity within you. Your true Self, is a sparkle of infinity, a light that is so bright you can not see it with your physical eyes. It’s the vibration of pure unconditional love. You are a particle of infinity itself. A part of  this forever expanding Universe. A part of the Divine. How could the Divine not be in you, if that same Divine created you.


Energy is boundless and limitless

We have all experience energy in action. We think a thought and BOOM, seconds after that thought, it is manifested into matter and reality. You think about a person and the second after you receive a text message or phone call from that same person. Likewise, you can sense the energy behind other peoples words, e-mails, messages or even the fact that you only receive silence from someone else. Everything carries an energy, and you can feel this energy.

Personally, something has happened with me the past months or years, not really sure when the change has occurred, probably just gradually. I remember when I started with yoga some 12 years ago and slowly got into spirituality. I so badly wanted to have all those special abilities I was reading about. And surely enough, it never comes on demand. Only when you let it go, you may receive. When you are ready to use it, what ever is your special ability, for the highest and best for humanity, then you will be blessed with those special abilities.

Somehow I’d like to think these so called special abilities or psychic abilities (clarisentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance etc), are no longer just for a few. It’s for the masses. Because we are all waking up from this dream where we think we are only this body and mind, to understand that we are in fact the infinite body of light.



How to connect with your subtle energies?

Do your inner work. Become more and more aware of your true identity as an infinite being of love and light. Become aware of your thoughts. Just notice them, that thought is not you and very often not even true. Second step is to think about how your higher self would think, speak and act. This will tune yourself into your heart, closer to the peace, joy and harmony that you carry within. Thoughts is also one of your tools to manifest visions into reality, but then you need to evoke the proper feelings, and I’ll speak about this in an upcoming post.

Do whatever it takes to uplift yourself up into higher vibrations of easiness, love and peace. Meditation, relaxation and spending time in nature are among my most favourite tools to keep up the connection with my higher self and the more subtle energies within and around.

Stop for a moment right now. What ever you were doing. Stop and breathe. Become aware of this present moment. Now, spread your arms wide open to the sides. Stretch your fingertips. And think about the following question: What kind of energy do I spread into the world?

If you wish to hear your own inner voice more clearly, if you need help along the way to follow your own inner guidance, then please check out my new service: Intuitively Guided Personalized Meditation. Read more at the COURSES/SERVICES page.


Wishing you a beautiful last week of June! Take care! <3

Much love,



Sharing tips and ideas how to find peace within, and freedom from our own minds, by increasing awareness of true Self.
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