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Integrity as a way to come back into your power

I’ve got one word for you:


Take a moment to taste the word. Integrity. 

What does integrity mean to you? Have you integrated integrity in your life?

One of my first yoga teachers, Paul Dallaghan, instructed us to practice yoga with ‘integrity’. And I was like “what on earth is he talking about”…

Took me a few years to really dig into the meaning of integrity. Some words and ideas has to be lived to be understood. These rather interesting times we live in today, gives us perfect chance to integrate integrity into our lives.

“The word integrity is evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. In this context, integrity is the inner sense of wholeness deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character”, says wikipedia. 

So, perhaps we can make the assumption that if you act with integrity, you feel whole and complete? But to whom or what are you honest? 

You are honest with yourself. Or should I say, your Self. Your Soul. Your Heart. 

Living with integrity takes courage

As I wrote in an earlier IG post I think the biggest problem in the world today is not any virus, but that we don’t respect nor accept each other. When fear is triggered, we loose our integrity and our ability to understand and show compassion. This means we actually don’t respect OURSELVES.

You have integrity when you stand up for and act upon the guidance of your soul or heart, even when you face resistance. And when you face resistance, or even ridicule, shame or judgement, you stand your ground.

You stand in your power – with love. You treat others only with love, because that’s what you carry within your heart. You know fear guides the one who is judging or ridiculing you – that’s why you understand and understanding is the basis of heart consciousness. Yes, sometimes hate, or fear and what not, comes up on the surface for all of us, but you face all your emotions fearlessly. Because you know you are connected to the infinity of life, through your heart. And you will always return to the wisdom of your heart, when the emotions drift off. 

We all know how diamonds are created: under pressure! So whenever you decide to stand up for what you feel is right in your heart – even if that inner voice is very soft and gentle – you will increase your light and shine ever so brightly, like a diamond. 


Information overload

When everyone claims they are right and everyone wants you to accept their truth, it gets overwhelming. 

Never ever have we been bombarded with so much information as we are today. People, leaders, winners, losers, opposition, mainstream news, alternative news, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, demands, restrictions, instructions, recommendations for and against and what not….until we feel suffocated!





You know the answer.

Without reading or listening to a single word.

Your heart is your true guru, your teacher, your guide. 

You are living Your life. You, as a soul, decided to come to Earth to experience what it is to be a human. And this human experience helps you to grow and evolve, as a soul. Continuously ascending higher, towards the light, where you came from. 

In our core – the heart – we are whole and complete. When we turn within to listen to the guidance of the heart we find all the words we need. If this text resonates with you, start with this one word, integrity. Feel into it. Because your heart speaks to you through your feelings.

Live your life with integrity. Let Your heart guide You. This is Your life. You don’t need anyone’s permission to think or feel the way you do. We all think and feel differently anyway.


As we are ascending into higher levels of awareness it’s important to take delicate care of yourself. We are upgrading into higher levels of consciousness, and it can be weary sometimes. Cultivate compassion for yourself.🤗

When our nervous system goes into the “fight or flight” mode it can be difficult to just snap out of it. For instance, a guided relaxation or yoga practice will help you release stress, and thus, it’s easier for you to listen to your intuition and heart’s wisdom. I also offer relaxing energy healing sessions, if you feel you need to restore your connection to that part in you, that is completely innocent, loving, forgiving and compassionate. I’m happy to support you, check out the examples of my online services below. Send me a message through the online form here or 

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As usual, take what resonates in this message, and leave the rest. 

With much love!

Keep your spirit high.




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