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Your sensitivity is your superpower

Sometimes what we want the most is also what we will be cursing when we get it. Like your sensitivity. It can be both your superpower as well as your biggest reasons for anxiety and stress.


Yoga stuff

A few years into my yoga practice, already now some 12 years ago since I started, I got more and more curious about the crazy stuff.  You know, levitating, out of body experiences and reading peoples’ mind and all that crazy stuff. How cool would that be, hah! 😉

Well, my yoga practice became pretty much just a physical practice. Thought it was fun to push my limits and get the ankle behind my neck. Thought I was somehow advanced and good at what I was doing. Yet, I don’t think I had pretty much any idea about what I was doing, or why. Except, I now see clearly, that I so badly wanted to have my yoga teacher’s approval, and that’s why I pushed my body for more and more. And I trusted my yoga teacher. I thought that surely he knows what he’s doing, to bring me closer to the goals of yoga.

Just to make it clear, we can all have different goals with yoga. Be clear on what you want from your yoga practice and make sure to tell your teacher about your goals. Otherwise you just become a puppet on a string, dancing according to your teachers wishes and desires. Your teacher isn’t God, always keep that in mind. Your teacher is just as much a human being as you are. Your biggest teacher is always the one that is within, your heart.



About 5-10 years back not many were talking about sensitive empaths, it wasn’t a “thing” that it is now. In my first year at school, at age 7, I was voted to be the most empathic person in the class. We were learning about the meaning of different words and empathy was one of the words. Sure, I knew I wanted everyone to be happy and silently suffered when others were bullied, but I also thought that this is how everyone else feels too.

Just very recently I’ve come to realise not everyone experience this world in the same way. Sounds a bit funny when I spell it out like this, of course we all experience this world in our unique way, but for some reason I thought that other people felt the same way I did. It really blew my mind just a few weeks ago when I participated in a fun practice with a group of lovely people. We sat in a circle and practiced feeling each others energies in different ways. For instance feeling the energy sitting back to back on the floor or feeling the energy through each others palms.

Sitting in front of different people it occurred to me how differently each person made me feel. And it became so clear I was picking up on the energies of the other persons. Some people just felt so joyous, some restricted and some just so wonderful and calming, you could have stayed in their presence forever. When I felt the restrictions of one of the persons in front of me, I noticed myself being fearful that she would notice I felt restricted in her company. But this is the thing, you have to become superclear when it’s about your own feelings and when it’s about the other persons feelings your picking up on. I realised it was her feeling I was feeling, not mine.


Approval and acceptance

The search for approval and acceptance is very much what sensitive empaths often experience.

When you are a sensitive empath, you are like a sponge. You pick up on the energies even if you try not to. This can sometimes just become very very heavy. And I feel so incredibly grateful that more and more people talk about it, so that you, who are sensitive empaths can recognise yourself and understand yourself better. Maybe you’re a sensitive empath too, and you can relate to what I’m talking about.

You want everyone else to be happy. You truly hate it when others are in a bad mood, out of two reasons. One, you so easily become affected by the mood of others. Two, you put your own wishes and desires on the shelf, in order to make other people happy. Because when others are happy, you are happy. So you rather forget about yourself, in order to make others happy. But this just doesn’t work in the long run.

We can not neglect ourselves, our own needs and wishes, on behalf of other people, for the durations of our whole life. We will die heartbroken if we do. We must learn to listen to our own needs and wishes and find a way to communicate them, with grace, to other people. First learn to know yourself, then others can know your true self too. We must learn to take care of ourselves, our physical, mental and spiritual needs.


Sensitivity and intuition walks hand in hand

Sensitivity and empathy is our biggest superpowers, our biggest assets. It truly is a gift. Because it is easier for us to tune into our intuition, it is easier for us to hear that silent voice of the heart, the soul, speaking to us. This is what the world needs. People like you, who is in touch with your higher self. You know what love is. You know what true understanding is. You know what compassion is. Do not neglect your ability to feel so deeply. Because your feelings is your intuition speaking through you.

You can also feel what other people feel. Personally, I feel what other people feel, in my body. A couple of days ago I was talking to a very sweet young woman. She told me she loves making music but for many years now she had a ” creativity block”. Immediately my body tells me something is stuck in her throat and chest, I literally feel her “block” in my own body. She nods and confirms with a smile and silent “yes”. Then my body tells me she has build up anger and sadness in her belly and I tell her what I’m feeling. She tells me with tears in her eyes it is totally like that.

Your sensitivity also tells you when other people are not being authentic. You feel the truth behind a polished surface. You know when someone is not speaking the truth, but you learn to keep a normal face, knowing not to judge. You feel when others feel intimidated by you, when they don’t like you, and this is when it can get a bit heavy, as you as a empath usually want everyone to like you, because you want everyone to be happy. This is the moment to remember to take good care of yourself and remember you are wonderful just the way you are. Not everyone will like you, but know that other people’s opinion about you doesn’t define you. Know you are worthy and lovable, just the way you are.

When I notice someone isn’t being fully authentic with me, I usually just make a mental note in my head, “that’s not completely true” and I try to go on with my day as if nothing happened. Because everyone is on their own journey and we all need to figure out our own stuff. For instance, a while ago I sensed that someone was very jealous with me, but this person still said to me “I’m happy for you and all the love and joy you experience”. I just said “thank you” but knew it wasn’t fully true what she expressed to me. I sensed the envy. Even if you sense things a little bit deeper doesn’t mean you need to confront things, you can just let them be.

Responsibility and compassion

To feel so deeply for an other person, comes with a responsibility. It comes with the promise to never ever judge an other person, for anything. No matter what the person has said or done, you are feeling it, because Universe gave you the ability out of trust in you, that you never ever judge an other person.

You were given the sensitivity in order to help other people. You were given the sensitivity to be in touch with the higher realm, with your higher self, with the beings of love and light. And that connection happens inside of you. You were given your sensitivity and ability to feel what others go through, so that you can help others tap into their own sensitivity, their own higher self and heart. And you were given your sensitivity to help other people heal and to help them open up to the stream of creativity that runs through each and everyone of us.


Goal achieved!

So, I got what I wanted, my own superpower! It just wasn’t as I thought it would be. My own superpower is sensitivity and empathy. Have you recognised your own!?

And no, sorry to disappoint you, you won’t be seeing me flying around on my yoga mat, nor read other people’s mind 😉 Thank God my yoga practice changed over the year, into a practice of acceptance, stillness, gentleness and connection. It became a practice of self-care and to feel what is going on in my body and mind, and to be present with what is. It helped me tune into my sensitivity and my intuition.

I’m not quite sure where life will take me. I know I still have so much to give this world and I will stay open for all the miracles life wants to give me.

I hope we all can step with joyful curiosity into 2019. I wish you love, peace and joy for this new year!

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Much love,



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