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Ego or heart in the driver’s seat of your life?

The ego mind will fight until the end for it’s existence. It wants to be the driver of your life.

However, if you let your heart be the driver – you’ll surely experience more peace and joy in your life.


This morning I woke up slowly and sweetly. I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet, but my mind started to form sentences, that felt very comforting and meaningful. So I grabbed a pen and some paper and wrote them down. Let me share these morning thoughts with you.

How do we recognise the ego mind?

The ego mind gets it’s fuel and nourishment from your fear, anxiety, worry and judgement. When you feel shame and guilt, it is also your ego mind running the show. It also wants you to hoard material possessions for it to feel safe and it is happy when you give it a great job related “status” or a “respectable” position in society. It wants you to feel superior and more important than an other human being.

To have the ego in charge is not a harmonious way of living.

(We’re not trying to remove the ego mind altogether either, we just want to become AWARE and remove it from the driver’s seat of our lives. I use the term “ego mind” in a broader perspective, not from a psychological point of view.)

Ego driven societal structures

Likewise, we have structures, governments and economical systems, that are build on the forces of the ego mind. 

In these structures, the greed for power, money and fame is the driving force. As well as is the need to be right, the need to be in control. The ego mind and the fascistic patriarchal structures in this world will do everything they can, to not get caught for what they are. Just like the ego mind does! It want’s to keep it’s power. These structures are build on everything else, than what your heart and soul stands for.

We also see an increase in attempts to silence those for whom these ego driven structures are already revealed. People who speak from a higher inner vision about a new world order based on love and harmony, as well as criticising the ego driven structures,  is censored and banned on social media such as Fb, IG and YouTube. Freedom of speech is altered. The main tool these structures use, to stay in power, is fear. Fear usually keeps us attached to the old.

Make fear your friend!

There’s no need to pretend we don’t feel fear. Fear can become our friend, it can be the wake up call we all need, to start to look within for our infinite inner wisdom. To truly feel the unconditional love, that is given to you, also this moment, right now. Because Life Loves You! It’s ok to feel all feelings, after all, we are humans. So we accept our fear and don’t let it stop our soulful journey to awaken.

Good news!

However, good news! The era of the ego mind as the driver – and the whole world order build on egotistical values – is near its END. It is already crumbling apart. And I feel so much relief knowing this! 

Right now, as you read this line: Smile 🙂 Inhale deeply and exhale, release any worry. You are supported and you are loved. If you are in need of MORE support and love, find instant relief HERE.

All the craziness that we experience right now, is just a sign that the old egoistical structures are falling apart and we’re entering into a NEW ERA of harmony and peace. An era of deep joy that emanates from having the heart, the soul, the inner light showing the way.


An era of respect and gratitude for each other and Mother Nature is now taking form.

So what can we do to bring this new era of harmony into existence?

    1. Protect your MIND. One of the best decisions I’ve ever done is to stop following mainstream news – radio, tv and paper news. When I cut down on social media and other screen time the quality of my life improved immediately. This way I created more silent time in my life.
    2. Appreciate the silence because it allows you to turn within. There truly is a silent voice within, we have given it many names: the heart, our intuition, the higher self, the soul. It is the source for YOUR true wisdom.
    3. From this silent place within, we can ASK ourselves: Who am I? What is my purpose in this life is? How can I be of service to humanity? How can I be of service to Mother Nature?
    4. Go out in NATURE, look at the trees, hear the birds and the wind. Enjoy the perfect purity of nature so that you can understand the perfect purity of yourself, as the light within.
    5. Start nurturing your BODY, exercise, rest properly and eat organic wholesome food.
    6. Every day, take time and do something that nurtures your SOUL. A kind unexpected act for someone else, a word of forgiveness, silent time outdoors in nature or prayers or a meditation practice. Something that is uplifting and joyous or calming and serene – for You!


Nurture your soul and give it more and more attention, so it can start to be in charge of your life. The soul and the light within is the only thing that is eternal.

Everything else may fall apart around you, but when you’ve established a relationship with your light within, the silence within, your heart, your soul – you have connected to the one and only thing that is real – infinite consciousness. Your life will change. You are peaceful and you are joyful.

Your life is a soul journey

Many times we embark on a journey to get to know our true self through a crisis. We may for instance face adversities like health or work related challenges.

There is always a precious diamond for you, hidden under the challenges.

Many people are currently awaking to all this. You are too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Once you awaken there’s no turning back. Once you inner eye open, it can’t be closed. Love, compassion, integrity, respect, kindness and gratitude are the means to go into “heaven on earth”.

Everyone has a free will. What you do to bring more peace, joy and harmony into your life – today?


If you need some help on your journey, I’m happy to serve you. I’ve created an online program, that you can do in you own pace – to experience more Peace and Joy in your life. As you uplift yourself, you bring more harmony also to our whole world. Never underestimate what you can create with your peaceful and joyful presence. Find out more HERE.

Big hugs,



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