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Being vulnerable and sensitive is where you find your strength

“I’m not good enough”.

How often do we not hear ourselves say this to ourselves?

Or actually, we don’t really hear it, otherwise we wouldn’t pick on ourselves day in and day out.

Is it our need to perform, win, advance, be excellent, be successful, be strong – and live up to other people’s expectations – that make us exhausted, filled with anxiety and burned out?

I think it is time to let ourselves be small and vulnerable. In those feelings we find our strength!

Allowing to be hurt

The day came, when I finally allowed myself to feel hurt, small and vulnerable.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I felt it was a remarkable day.

I allowed myself to feel hurt, to be the hurt with all my human feelings and emotions. I rolled myself in the feelings of sadness and anxiety, and felt sorry for myself. I did everything I actually been telling others not to do. I let every little cell in my body feel what I tried to suppress for so long. Until I felt it was time to lift myself up again!

For ages I was acting strong and resilient but inside of me was an extremely fearful and insecure girl, who just wanted to hide from the harshness of the world. I know many of you are sensitive empaths and you know exactly what I mean.

“Yes, your words hurt me. Yes, your ridicule hurt me.” 


Sensitive empaths experience this world with a hightend sensitivity. They feel other people's emotions in their own body. Sensitivity is your superpower! Empathy is the tool to use your power for the highest and best for all.

Sensitive empaths experience this world with a heightened sensitivity. They feel other people’s emotions in their own body. Sensitivity is your superpower and your empathy is the tool to use your power for the highest and best for all.

Why couldn’t I allow myself to feel hurt?

I soak myself in my own tears. Tears not only from the hurtful words but also tears of neglecting my own feelings of being hurt.

Oh my goodness is it scary to actually let the world know you hurt! To show others you aren’t immune against hurtful words and actions. 

It’s fear that holds us back from showing others our true feelings. If we admit to others, that we feel hurt, we become vulnerable. We are afraid others will turn their back on us, neglecting us and to finally abandon us and we die lonely and alone. The core fear of human being – dying (alone).

It’s only human to try to change oneself in order to receive acceptance, yet often we loose our Self as a result.

Turning it 180 degrees around

As if the infinite power of Life, that got me here on Earth, suddenly made a mistake while creating me. As if Life would tell me:

“Woops, here’s a Monday example – a bad human being.” 😉

No. Infinite Life force makes no mistakes.

Life takes billions and billions of expressions. And I’m pretty sure, that if you asked that Infinite Life Force, what it thinks of it’s own creation, it would smile and say – it is all just expressions of me, there’s no good nor bad. Just expressions of infinite awareness. 

So, obviously, I am that Infinite Life Force. You are that Infinite Life Force. 

If you take a drop of water from the ocean and place it on the shore, it is still a part of the ocean. Water has consciousness and it doesn’t disappear from the drop just because you place the drop outside the ocean. It still has the same qualities.

Infinite Life Force flows within you. In every breath you take. Even after your last breath, you continue with your subtle light body into other realms.

Allowing myself to be

Today, I let myself be. A mess. A bad person. A good person. Or just an expression of Life. What ever. Just being.

I imagine spirit guides gathering above me. I’ve been blessed to have them around. Maybe they are angels, maybe they’re just an expression of my higher self, my soul finally reaching out to me.

Together we sip some tea, talk joyfully while looking down at that little human being in all her agony and distress.

“Oh little one”, we say, sending her unconditional love until she starts to feel better. She makes eye contact and we smile. She climbs up to us and allows herself to bathe in pure divine light, in unconditional love.

“Ah, finally she gets it:”

She experiences her own divinity and allows herself to be, just the way she is.

Sad, hurt and vulnerable. Strong in her conviction: Yes, I am an expression of Life, nothing more, nothing less.

A Light so bright inside her heart, that guides her every word and action. She realises it’s not about “her”, it is about the Light that wants to be expressed.

When I allow myself to be vulnerable, I realise I must let life express itself freely. With every cell in my body, I must breathe and feel that I am a precious expression of life. Infinite Life Force shines through me, and there I find my power. I am a spiritual being, experiencing life in human form.

Remember that I write these words for You, who reads these words right now!

(Did you know? I have a selection of online courses for you who want to explore your sensitivity and soulful exsistence a bit deeper. Head over to to read more.)

My task it to share my light with the world – just the way it wants to shine. And the same goes for you.

After allowing ourselves to feel all our human emotions, it becomes easy to take the jump and say:

Oh, fuck it, I don’t care any more what other people think!


Life is too short and too precious to try to shrink ourselves in an attempt to beg for love and acceptance.


Your task is to shine your precious light with the world, not a dimmed version, but fully you. It might make you vulnerable, but just for a moment.

Vulnerability is strength

Being vulnerable is where you find your strength. Being vulnerable shows, that you are authentic. You are in touch with your heart, your sensitivity (which is a superpower!) and your feelings. You know what brings you peace and what brings you sorrow.

In allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you learn how to put boundaries. You learn to appreciate yourself. You see your amazingness, your worth. You speak up for yourself, yet you choose your battles. You know that it’s not worth to argue with those who don’t want to understand you.  You become very strong within.

You have the right to choose who you hang around with, how you arrange your life. You don’t need to become a doormat. You can say yes to your soul family and no to those who do not really care about you. You have the right to think and feel the way you do.

When you are being fully you, the right people are able to find you, your soul family.

You know you have the right to enjoy this life. You know your authentic voice matters. And you are not afraid any more to sing Your song, to walk Your path. You have an army of angels behind you.

I see this around me a lot right now, people stepping into their power within!

You are strong, powerful, resilient and amazing!


Big hugs,


If you wish to explore your sensitivity and soulful existence a bit deeper, check my online courses here: .


You have an army of angels around you!

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