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About Monika

``Monika Makitalo has emerged as one of the great voices for human consciousness, self awareness, & self realization`` -Brian Ross, Photographer, Maui, USA

Welcome dear one! I’m Monika Makitalo and here to help you tap into your HEART’S WISDOM, aka your intuition.

My task is to help you clearly hear the voice of your heart, your intuition. Through my online programs I guide you to tap into your heart’s wisdom, visit my COURSES page to get started right away.

All our negative feelings, such as guilt and resentment, as well as anxiety and depression, are our wake up calls to look within for guidance. I’ve been there myself and I know there’s a wholesome way out. The struggles of life are truly blessings, once we find the soul lessons that are encrypted in the struggle.

If you truly want to connect to your childlike innocence, to your heart, then you’ve arrived at the right place. No matter what you’ve done or what has happened to you, you heart is always open for you and ready to help you see the miracle that you are. Look within, dear one.

Softness, gentleness and clarity are keys to radical self-transformation. As humanity we’re shifting from the  old paradigm of pushing and performing into living a life guided by the heart. The heart asks for kindness, understanding and compassion.  And love, of course.

To become spiritually aware is to create a connection to that place within us, where we are at peace, content and naturally joyful.

Listen to the podcast show “Viisas Sydän” (in Finnish) on iTunes, Spotify and RadioPlay. English content on my Instagram and Facebook and YouTube pages!

I’m happy to get to know you! Do send me a message from the CONTACT page or email me directly, info (at) !

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I'm eager to hear what's on your heart, and I share what's on mine, so let's connect


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