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About Monika

``Monika Makitalo has emerged as one of the great voices for human consciousness, self awareness, & self realization`` -Brian Ross, Photographer, Maui, USA

Monika is a spiritual wellbeing mentor for heart based living and intuitive knowledge.

She hosts her own podcast show Viisas Sydän (in Finnish), that soon will be available also in English, stay tuned! Her main task is to help others find back to the inherent peace and love within. Thus, she teaches yoga and meditation, both online at Yogaia (sign up to Monika’s newsletter to receive your 1 month free subscription to Yogaia) as well as for private and corporate customers. Check out other online possibilities at the COURSES page. She will shortly start taking private customers for relaxing energy healing and indian head massage sessions in Helsinki.

Her own path to the heart begun in 2007 during a difficult period of her life. She now focuses on gentleness and pleasantness as keys to radical self-transformation, as she believes that the old paradigm of pushing and performing has ended.

“To become spiritually aware is to create a connection to that place within us, where we are at peace, content and naturally joyful. This we can call heart-consciousness. ”

“All our negative feelings, such as guilt and resentment, as well as anxiety and depression, are our wake up calls to look within for the light. I’ve been there myself and I know there’s a wholesome way out.”

“I feel called to help You, who feel there must be more to life than what we see with our human eyes. If you are, or would be ready to question who you are beyond your body and mind, you’ve come to the right place. We all carry this divine light in our hearts. It’s no coincidence you are reading these words, now is the time to look within.”

You can listen to Monika’s podcast show “Viisas Sydän” (in Finnish) on iTunes, Spotify and RadioPlay.

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