"In your heart you carry the whole universe, please be gentle with yourself" Monika

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About Monika

Welcome dear one! I’m Monika Makitalo, originally from Finland, where I also live now. When someone asks me “What do you do for living?” I ususally answer “I teach yoga and make jewelry”, but that’s not the whole truth.

It makes more sense to me to say I simply do my share to bring more peace and harmony to this world. But that doesn’t explain how I make a living, so I stick with the first phrase.

I feel I bring most peace to this world when I find myself in a peaceful inner state of being. Yes, I do teach yoga, meditation and relaxation. Yes, I do create jewellery with much love and joy, and I would really love for you to take a look at them here https://holvi.com/shop/monika.

I also sit in silence outdoors, connecting with nature, appreciating the birds, the wind, the sea… Mother Nature. And while I do so, I feel I also do my share to bring more balance and harmony to this world.

To be truthful to whom I am, has become a high priority. Worked for over 10 years in the corporate world, and lost myself. It has been a little journey to accept myself, my sensitivity and sometimes a bit childlike appearance that society doesn’t expect of a woman in my age. But I must allow myself to be me, just as anyone else wish to honour oneself. If I feel like staring at the seagulls for an hour, for instance, examining how they fly, I think it’s important I allow myself to do so. 

No matter what happens in one’s life, one’s heart is always open for and ready to help to see the miracle that one is. We need to look within the heart.

I feel that softness, gentleness and clarity are keys to radical self-transformation. As a humanity we’re shifting from the  old paradigm of pushing and performing into living a life guided by the heart. The heart asks for kindness, understanding and compassion. And love, of course.

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